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OneSearch: Searching financial data

Clever, comprehensive, affordable.

OneSearch is a unique, highly functional annual report research facility spanning the last 10 years of annual reports. It's comprised of a search engine, keyword analysis and PDF management tools to give users unprecedented control, ease of use enabling rapid research using annual report content.

Features and benefits of OneSearch

  • Single point of access to thousands of reports
  • UK Top 100, 250, Small Cap, Fledgling, Main Market and AIM indices
  • Search by year, business sector, index and individual company
  • Provides insight for companies and investors alike
  • Always up to date
  • Search as far back as 10 years
  • Hit frequency per report and per page
  • In browser hit highlighting
  • Personalised watch lists
  • Compile pages from different reports into a single PDF
  • Affordable and scalable
  • No contract


OneSearch is available for small and large teams with contracts to suit all needs.
Please email for full details or discuss further options.

Free trial

A limited free trial is open to organisations and research departments.
Please email

For investors

Use history to help predict the future. OneSearch searches key words across your portfolio instantly. Words like headwind, caution, pensions are not only found but counted and compared giving you instant feedback and insight.

For companies

Whether you are writing in challenging or opulent times, OneSearch can show you, instantly, how other companies in your position conveyed information to their shareholders.

For researchers

Use your valuable time analysing not searching. OneSearch finds your target companies giving you instant feedback. Don't waste time finding websites, downloading and reading - it's just one click with OneSearch.